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"Whatever the subject is, there is always a very great humanity in Faizal Zeghoudi's dance"

JM Gourreau - dance critic

Always attentive to the news, the choreographic director  Faizal Zeghoudi surrounds himself with creators whose human qualities are as important as professionalism. Personalities of great sensitivity and motivated by the artistic and philosophical dimension of the projects.
The company is able to respond to all orders and touring projects, whether for programming its repertoire or creating events.
The Faizal Zeghoudi dance company's creations are nourished by a double culture, from both shores of the Mediterranean and resolutely open to the world of today.
Intense, with an aesthetic which inspires visual artists, photographers, sculptors, Faizal Zeghoudi's shows reflect a universe, an artistic approach, a requirement, and a force seducing the public.

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